Mindful Holiday for Women

South West Portugal

´In taking care of myself, I take care of the world`

Taking a Breath - Mindful Holiday

Coaching, mindfulness & holiday in sunny Portugal.

This is a unique individual holiday with only pure time for you to find rest, relaxation and connection with yourself. Our 1-to-1 mindful coaching sessions have a different daily theme; Stop, Breathe, Connect, Feel & Silence. We will work with different mindfulness practices, exercises and activities to learn being aware in a different way.

We are surrounded by beautiful nature of which we make use during our daily sessions. Coaching on the beach, in the dunes, under the pine trees or comfortably in your own accommodation. The standard program includes a 1,5 hour long rejuvenating massage and a mindful mirroring session `Being with Horses´.

My guidance & coaching will evolve around holding space for your experiece, your journey, your life at this moment in time. You will learn to look deeply, to feel deeply, to meet yourself where you are right now in your life. Making space for that connection to happen, discovering your relationship with your own experience, to release resitance and to learn to deeply breathe with what is. You will learn to mindfully move from your doing mode to your being mode.

This unique Mindful Holiday & Coaching week is for you, if:

  • You would like to regain energy, joy and calmness in life 
  • You would like to feel more connected and alligned in your relationships, work, life or within yourself
  • You are pregnant, looking for a safe & nourishing space to connect with yourself, your baby, your pregnancy & birth journey
  • You are grieving a beloved one or the loss of something significant to you and would like to understand better and connect in a different way with your feelings of grief & loss
  • You wish for a break, some time by yourself and are looking for more than just relaxation
  • You feel like taking a breath is a contribution to your life and wellbeing


Have a look at the standard program and the optional activities & treatments. Finding maximum flexibity to adjust the program to your needs and wishes.



Offering you maximum flexibility for joining this unique mindful holiday, I give you different blocks in which YOU can book your holiday with me

and I have two beautiful accommodations in different budgets for you to enjoy and relax.



Olá, I´m Liz and I will be your host and coach during this Mindful Holiday week. Find out more about me and read some testimonials.